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Posted by on 2021-05-09how-toreal estatenews

Spacelist, Canada’s premier real estate platform supports Kuula Virtual Tours

Kuula Virtual Tours on Spacelist

We are proud to announce that Kuula is now an official virtual tour provider for Spacelist, CA - Canada's largest commercial real estate platform. Spacelist helps small and medium-sized businesses find office, retail, industrial and co-working spaces, while also serving as the perfect place for agents and property holders to market listings.

Agents leveraging the power of Kuula on Spacelist give renters a look into the future as they envision their new headquarters. But the real value of virtual tour footage is efficiency.

Let's face it. Business owners don't exactly have a ton of free time to dedicate to showings. Still, the most innovative leaders recognize the importance of physical space to a company's culture! When exploring Kuula virtual tours, viewers can experience the layout, size, and design of a property 100% remotely. The vital decision, whether to get one office or another, does not have to come at the expense of day-to-day operations. Instead, users can walk through a listing with the help Kuula Virtual Tours.

How to add a Virtual Tour to Spacelist?

To add a virtual tour, first create a new Spacelist listing (or edit an existing one). In there, scroll to Video & Virtual Tour, choose Kuula as your tour provider and enter the Kuula Virtual tour ID.

The ID of a tour is the part of the URL that comes after collection/. For example, in the URL below, the ID is 7lP7c:


To grab the tour ID, please open the tour from your profile and copy the id part from the browser URL bar. More detailed instructions can be found in this guide on the Spacelist website.

About Spacelist, CA

Operating since 2012, Spacelist has built-out a vast network of commercial real estate inventory and is the only Canadian company effectively connecting market demand to industry availability.

The company aims to streamline finding and marketing commercial property for businesses. Spacelist works closely with some of the biggest names in the business world to increase access to commercial real estate and improve upon the overall efficiency of the market.

About Kuula

Kuula is an award-winning, easy to use 360 virtual tour software that lets you create professional quality virtual tours in minutes. Kuula works smoothly on desktop, mobile and in VR headsets. After creating a virtual tour, you can add it to your listing website, MLS, embed it on other sites, or create a standalone web page under your own domain with Kuula Business. Founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, it's ranked #1 in the US and has over 200,000 users that uploaded over 5,000,000 photos so far!

If you would like to start creating virtual tours sign up at Kuula and learn how to get started creating virtual tours with us. It's easy!

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