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Posted by on 2024-01-18newscameras

Kuula Teams Up with Ricoh for Exclusive Discounts on Theta 360 cameras!

Exclusive Discounts on Theta 360 cameras

We're thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Ricoh, a leader in the world of photography. Known for their innovative design and superior quality, Ricoh's Theta 360 cameras have become a staple for professionals and enthusiasts alike. These cameras are among the most popular on the market today, and for good reason.

This promotion has ended. Please check back here for updates on future offers.

Ricoh has a longstanding reputation for creating exceptional 360 cameras. Their dedication to quality and innovation has been evident throughout the years, leading to products that consistently deliver the best image quality and a great experience.

Today, we're taking our collaboration with Ricoh to the next level. Kuula is proud to partner with Ricoh to bring you an exclusive offer: a 12% discount on the Theta Z1 and X cameras. This fantastic deal means you can save over $100 on these top-tier cameras.

Ricoh Quality

The Ricoh Theta cameras are perfect for capturing high-quality 360 images and videos. They make it incredibly easy to shoot amazing virtual tours, ensuring your clients are always impressed with the end product. To give you an idea of what's possible, here's an outstanding example of a virtual tour shot with a Ricoh camera:

Tour shot on Ricoh Z1 by PostRain

At Kuula, we're committed to providing the best deals and opportunities for our community. This partnership with Ricoh is a testament to that commitment. We believe that this offer will help you elevate your virtual tour projects to new heights.

How to get the discount?

You can find the discount code on the Kuula Deals page after upgrading to Kuula PRO or Business plan. There, you can copy the coupon and head to the Ricoh store. The coupon works for the Z1 and X models. You have the option to purchase either the standalone camera or a virtual tour kit.

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