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Posted by on 2024-04-04news

Kuula launches Google Street View publishing

Google Street View publishing with Kuula

Hey Kuula Creators! In an exciting update for our community, Kuula is introducing a feature that bridges the expansive visibility of Google Street View with the creative freedom and power of Kuula: Google Street View publishing!

This addition opens a new realm of possibilities for your 360 photography business, blending the exposure of the world's most popular mapping service with the detailed craftsmanship of Kuula's virtual tours.

Google Street View meets Custom Virtual Tours

Creating custom virtual tours on Kuula offers unparalleled control over the viewer's experience. From tailored hotspots to ambient background music, these elements set your tours apart.

Google Street View publishing introduces several opportunities on top of that, most notably the additional visibility on the global platform which will allow you to attract more views and increase engagement.

Kuula Google Street View publish interface

Integrating Google Street View publishing with Kuula combines the best of both worlds: the vast audience of Google's platform on one hand and the detailed, engaging tours Kuula creators are known for on the other.

This feature is a testament to Kuula's commitment to providing tools that enhance your work and expand your business opportunities!

Google maps & Street View app

We encourage you to explore this new feature and consider how it can complement your offerings, cater to a broader client base, and elevate your projects to new heights.

Dive in with Google Street View publishing by visiting the tutorial here: Google Street View Integration Tutorial.

We hope you will find this new feature straightforward and a welcome addition to your tour building arsenal!

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