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Posted by on 2022-01-31news

Ricoh Announces the Theta X

The new Ricoh Theta X

Ricoh Theta Z1 is one of the most popular point and shoot 360 cameras on the market today. Now, it is joined by a new member of the family: the Ricoh Theta X.

This is exciting news for 360 virtual tour photographers, because the initial reviews look very promising. The Theta X enjoys Ricoh's world renowned optics and shoots at a whopping 11K resolution. The camera shoots photos in a format the is supported by Kuula, so you can start building tour with it as soon as it becomes avilable!

Theta X / Photo by Ricoh
Theta X / Photo by Ricoh

The most notable features of Theta X include:

It comes with one drawback however. It does not shoot photos in RAW mode, only JPG. Though rumors suggest that Ricoh might be working on adding that in the future.

Sample Theta X photo by Mic Ty

The Theta X is expected to launch in March 2022 at a price of 799 USD.

For more details check out Mic Ty's full review and video as well as the official press release from Ricoh.

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