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Posted by on 2017-12-15tutorial

New on Kuula: We've added some stunning sun & lens flare effects

Kuula lens flare effect

The sun & lens flare is an image effect you can add to your posts. With this effect you can make your photo look much more dynamic in a few seconds. It's unique for Kuula and it's very popular among our users who used it on thousands of uploaded posts!

To add this effect to your photo, find the Add Lens Flare button in the post editor. Once you click the button, an icon with the sun symbol will show up in your post. Watch our short (30 sec) video tutorial to see all of them:

Video tutorial how to add a lens flare effect to a 360 photo using Kuula.

There are 5 different options you can choose from the lens flare drop-down:

Kuula lens flare effects are FREE for everyone. You should try all of them out to see what works best on each of your 360 photos. If you don't want any flare, but would like to use the glare effect, simply select None. We know you'll like them! Test them all out!

You can read in more detail about sun and lens flare effects on Kuula in our tutorial.

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