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Posted by on 2018-02-08

New features on Kuula: stickers, text and interactive hotspots

We're happy to announce Kuula's biggest feature release - the addon editor. You can now enhance 360 images by adding icons, labels, hotspots that connect to other posts, or with interactive cards featuring video and links. You can create engaging, interative 360 presentations and virtual tours in minutes!

At Kuula we listen to our users and we introduce new features on a regular basis. One of the biggest requests so far has been to develop a hotspot editor that would allow you to add interactive elements to your 360 images. Our teams have been hard at work for the last months and today, we are pleased to introduce this new feature!

Kuula addon editor is a simple, easy to use way to transform your 360 images into interactive presentations and virtual tours. It's great for all business areas such as: Real Estate, Construction, Architecture, Tourism, Education, Photography, Virtual Reality, eCommerce, Advertising, and more. It will give you a million different ways to engage and convert your audience into your customers.

You can add interactive elements either to a single post or to a collection of images. Check out the example below and start adding hotspots, text, icons, videos and links. Read more in our tutorial.

Virtual Tour of San Francisco presenting the new features. Photos by Carlo

We have you will like this new feature. Give it a try today and let us know what you think. We always appreciate your feedback.

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