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Posted by on 2023-09-12tutorialnewsfeature

Elevate your Virtual Tours with Startup Cards and Keep Heading features

Elevate Your Kuula Virtual Tours with New Feature Updates

The digital realm of 360 photography is in a constant state of flux, with innovations and updates enhancing our capabilities. Kuula has rolled out two exciting features that deserve a special shout-out. These updates promise to elevate the user experience for our virtual tour visitors. Let's dive in!

1. Interactive Cards: Opening at Startup

Interactive cards have always been a powerful tool on Kuula. They allow users to access additional information by clicking on a hotspot, be it videos, text, links, or even other virtual tours. But the recent update has added a cherry on top: the ability for one card in each post to automatically open when the tour loads for the first time.

Potential Uses:

2. Heading Control: "Keep Direction" Mode

This feature is one from my personal wish list! The initial orientation or heading of a panorama sets the stage for the viewer's experience. Kuula has always allowed users to define this heading, ensuring the most impactful part of the image is what viewers see first. The new Keep Direction mode takes this a step further. As the name suggests, this feature maintains the same orientation when moving from one post to the next.

Switch between the panoramas to see the office empty vs staged | Renders by Bella Staging.

Potential Uses:

In conclusion, these updates from Kuula are not just features; they're tools that empower us creators to craft more engaging, intuitive, and impactful virtual tours. Whether you're a seasoned 360 photographer or just starting out, these features promise to enhance your storytelling capabilities and offer viewers an unparalleled virtual experience.

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