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Posted by on 2023-04-27news

Snap, share and win with Insta360

Showcase your workspace in 360 to win an Insta360 camera and a Kuula PRO subscription

We're happy to announce that Insta360 with the help of Kuula is running a contest for the best 360 photo. There are some very attractive prizes waiting for the contestants, so if you are interested, please continue reading!

May 25th 2023 Update. The contest is now over. Thank you for all the submissions!

The rules are simple: take a stunning 360 photo of your workspace: a property, hotel interior, construction site, or street. For your submission to stand out, you should get creative with the place, the setting and with how you position the camera!


After capturing that perfect shot with your Insta360 camera, it's time to upload it to Kuula and share it with the world! Be sure to mention which Insta360 camera you used in the post description. And don't forget the most important part - use the hashtag #insta360!

Once your panorama is uploaded, it's time to spread the word. Share it with your friends and followers and ask them to "Like" your post on Kuula!

The contest will last until the end of day on May 25th 2023. You can follow the posts and "like" the current submissions on our Explore page.

The 3 most liked submissions on this day will be declared the winners!

The prizes are:


🥇 1st prize

🥈 2nd prize

🥉 3rd prize

So, grab your camera, plan your shoot and get ready to submit some amazing panoramas!

If you have any questions regarding the contest rules please contact the organizer of the contest via the Facebook Insta360 Enterprise group.

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