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Posted by on 2018-05-14

New feature: Floor plans, maps, cover images and more

New feature! Floor plans, maps, cover images and more

Besides 360 panoramas, Kuula also supports regular, non-panoramic images. Thanks to this function, you can upload custom floor plans, maps or cover images to your tours. Images, hotspots and other elements can be added to flat images the same way as you would add them to 360 photos.

Kuula is dedicated to immersive 360 content, but there are situations when spherical images alone simply don't cut it. Whether you need to present a floor plan in a real estate tour, or a map in a tour of a venue, regular images can be helpful. This is why we decided to extend Kuula to support not only 360, but regular images as well.

The example below shows a tour that is entirely composed of flat images only. However. you can also mix 360 and regular photos within a single tour.

Upload any regular image

Our goal was to help support things such as floor plans and maps, but we also wanted to make this function as flexible as possible. You can upload any regular image or photo and add labels and hotspots to it in the same way you would add them to a spherical image. All you need to do is to select Upload > Sinlge image from the menu. You can also include one or more flat images in your batch upload. The workflow and editor UI for regular images is identical to spherical images, so it's very easy to get started.

Works in VR too!

Just in case you were wondering... regular images work in VR mode as well. Just go to any post or tour on kuula.co using your mobile browser, switch to VR mode and navigate to a floor plan. The image will be displayed in front of you on a flat plane and hotspots can be activated using gaze navigation.

To learn more about how you can use this feature to add floor plans to your tours, please check the tutorial below:

Floor plans & maps tutorial

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