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Posted by on 2018-09-13tutorial

7 different animated transitions for your Virtual Tours on Kuula

Animated Transitions in Virtual Tours on Kuula

What if you could you improve your Virtual Tours, make them more immersive and engaging, with just one click? Now you can do that, choose any of the 7 animated transitions and impress your audience!

At Kuula we pride ourselves on creating a Virtual Tour software that is not only rich in features, but most importantly - easy to use. We value your time and we want to help you create great virtual and 360° experiences without a steep learning curve.

Overview of 7 different animated transitions that you can choose from when you create your Virtual Tours on Kuula.

Animated transitions are the latest addition to Kuula Virtual Tour editor. They have been created with the above philosophy in mind. You can choose between 7 carefully designed, smooth transition effects using a simpe dropdown, at any moment and see the effects immediately.

To see how you can use transitions, we crearted a very short tutorial and you can watch the video above to see how they look like. Your tours will never look the same once you discover this powerful new feature!

This function is available to all Kuula users - free and PRO.

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