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Posted by on 2018-04-15tutorialweb

How to embed Kuula Virtual Tours in posts on Medium.com

Do you write posts on Medium? If yes, you'll be happy to know that, thanks to Kuula, you can now embed 360 photos on Medium in your Medium stories. It's also very easy: to see how, keep reading!

With the rise of Virtual Reality, immersive content is getting increasingly popular on the web. Facebook, YouTube, Wordpress and others started to support 360 content in the past months and now you can embed interactive 360 photos on Medium in your Medium posts!

Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles. Photo by: Jim Newberry.

Embedding 360° photos on Medium is possible thanks to Kuula. Kuula has been recently integrated with Medium which makes embedding super easy. Simply copy & paste the deep link to the 360 degree photo you want to embed in to the post editor on Medium and see it turned into an interactive 360 photo right away.

A Kuula post uploaded to Medium

Check out how 360 photos would look in a ready Medium post! We hope you enjoy this NEW feature!

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