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Posted by on 2022-11-11cameras

The NEW Labpano PilotPano 360 camera

PilotPano - the new 360 camera from Labpano

Labpano released PilotPano - a new 360 camera that represents a fresh take compared to it's existing line-up.

To this point, Labpano has been known for the Pilot Era and Pilot One cameras. Both offer super sharp 8K resolution images using 4 lenses on a large device meant primarily for virtual tours and still photography.

We have been using the LabPano Pilot camera to shoot some of the Kuula sample virtual tours. In our experience, the camera delivers better than average image resolution and quality and this is why it comes as one of our top recommended models. We hope that the new PilotPano will follow in the steps of its predecessors.

In addition to being a highly capable 360 camera for shooting virtual tours, the new PilotPano is smaller than the older models and it is meant to be a stick-in-your-pocket, go-anywhere 360 device for photo and video enthusiasts and professionals.

Pilot Pano
PilotPano / Photo by Labpano

It's sleeker, thinner, 2-camera design and robust feature-set make it a compelling choice for a 360 camera that can fill multiple roles from a semi-professional virtual tour camera, to a vloggers streaming camera, to a family action camera.

Pilot Pano mounted on a selfie stick
PilotPano on a selfie stick / Photo by Labpano

Some Standout Highlights include:

You can learn more about the new camera on the product page.

Best of all, the PilotPano is perfectly compatible with your favourite Virtual Tour software - Kuula. I look forward to seeing more real world photo and videos as well as side-by-side comparisons to other cameras in it's class including the Insta360 X3 and the Ricoh Theta X.

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